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Maximum Safety with Industrial Cable Protection Hoses

Routed cables are subjected to various stresses in industrial applications: extreme heat, great abrasion or high mechanical load can damage sensitive cables in the long term. This results in costly and time-consuming repair. Industrial cable protection hoses effectively prevent premature wear and tear and, in doing so, reap the maximum benefit of the cables: corrugated tubes, protective hoses and mats shield valuable lines against all unfavorable external influences - even under extreme conditions. In addition to maximum protection, our products have another benefit: cable routings and collectors help to organize and sort various cable harnesses. Thus, technicians and mechanics can always keep a clear overview of cable harnesses and lines.


Cable Protection for Every Requirement

Too hot, too cold, pressure or vibration too high: we develop and implement special-purpose solutions to each and every challenge, since we know that each cable protection application has to face different requirements. Customized solutions for the industry are our specialty. That is why it is of crucial importance to us to cooperate with our customers when developing our customized products. We know and observe all applicable provisions and fire prevention regulations. This is the reason why our corrugated tubes together with the matching accessories comply with the highest standards and meet all commonly used and stipulated norms.


Cable Protection Solutions for the Industry

As a cable protection specialist, we have developed a range of standard products. It includes, for instance, cable protection ducts for narrow bend radii, with high pull-out strength values, superb vibration protection, low bending capacity, UV resistance or even for retrofit installation. The versatile properties open up a great variety of applications: from industry, shipbuilding and chemistry through wind energy and solar industry to railway/transport and robotics - that is where our products can be used.