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Application of Cable Protection Hoses in the Automotive Industry

Leaking fluids and oils, strong vibrations as well as great heat generation - these are just some of a great number of stresses, cables used in the automotive field have to cope with. Without corresponding protection, substantial cable damage may be the result - our complete systems are the right solution to this problem in vehicle manufacturing. Corrugated tubes and protective hoses with various properties, from heat resistance, through abrasion protection and impact strength to noise reduction, protect valuable cables against all unfavorable external influences. In our range you will also find solutions for cable arrangement and organization: cable routings and collectors help in organizing and sorting in order to provide a better overview of cable harnesses and lines. With our wide selection of connecting and fixing elements, we offer you a complete tube system which is quickly and easily installed in automotive applications.


Cable Protection for Specific Challenges

We offer you various standard solutions for requirements, such as impact and vibration protection, protection against the ingress of moisture and dirt, noise/abrasion protection as well as heat protection in high-temperature applications. We are, however, quite aware of the fact that each and every cable protection application has to face different requirements, customized developments for the automotive area are therefore our specialty. With our experience and know-how, we are the best partner in terms of cable protection. Custom-made products for various challenges coupled with suitable accessories are part of our day-to-day work. Together with our customer, we develop and implement solutions perfectly tailored to the specific needs of the automotive industry. Our corrugated tubes, distributors and threaded connections comply with the highest standards and meet all the stipulated norms and requirements and even beyond that. We consider reliable cable protection to be as important as simple handling during installation and a wide diameter range for every demand. That is why our solutions stand for maximum customer benefit and reliable long-term protection.