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Medium-Conducting Systems for the Automotive industry

The systems depicted give you an idea of how comprehensive our range of products for the automotive industry is – this is, however, just a tiny part of our options. Virtually all our medium-conducting systems constitute customized solutions, individually tailored to the customers' needs and designed with them in mind. Particularly challenging tasks are our area of expertise. Where it is too hot or cold, too dangerous, too narrow or too aggressive for others, this is where we come in. Our experience tells us how we can use individual solutions to create products for the automotive area which in spite of their specific design can find a great variety of applications.


Medium-Conducting Systems for Most Demanding Applications in a Vehicle

From fuel systems through battery vents and brake vacuum lines to cooling systems: quality, tightness and resistance of lines and tubes are essential for the functionality of entire engines and power units. That is why corrugated and smooth tubes, as well as braided and knitted hoses must meet highest standards. Depending on the application, they have to be resistant to heat or cold, flexible or rigid, resistant to acids and lubricants or impact-proof.


Application of Medium-Conducting Systems in the Automotive Segment

Medium-conducting systems can find a great variety of applicatons in the automotive industry: for instance, in and on a fuel tank, for ventilation systems, for windshield washer systems and headlight washer systems. From a simple medium-conducting line to a completely assembled unit of most varied complexity - we supply it all. It goes without saying that high-quality systems guarantee reliable transport of all kinds of fluids - no matter how challenging the circumstances are.